Conscious Trading Group


The world is full of information about the markets: why do the 90% of people loose money after all? Do you need a good indicator? Or a good system?Do you have to outwit the market? Or do you simply need to do it unlike others? How to do that? Is there a solution?

We are two avereage guys who were caught by thousands of such questions about the world of trading in 2003. The answers came slow: first, we went through hundreds of indicators, then hundreds of trading strategies. In the meantime we became professionals in different platforms: we would program the whole world, which would pour the golden eggs – we thought. Deadends which had to be walken through in order to see they were deadends. At least we know this now.

Let’s do it manually then! Right at the start (around 2007) we learnt a relatively simple, but very powerful daytrading method (not a strategy), which we have been using ever since. We already knew the technology, the background very well: setups, multitimeframe, trade management, money management started to form a perfect system, this was obvious. The money – that was screaming “take me” – wasn’t flowing though, albeit we had the optimal technique.

This was when we realised the problem was with us. Trading psychology: what the heck is that? Everyone says it is needed: still what is it? Consciousness: what? Ego: who is that? Who am I at all? It turned out to be the only good question about trading, where that famous 90% is buried. (Apparently a technique on strong basis is needed, but that won’t work without us). Engaging in this has opened new dimensions for us (and of course some more deadends): after 5 years we are still finding deeper coherency, which is the deeper level of understanding of the same things. Without this trading would have never gone strong.