Ninja Trader 7 Tools

Tools for manual daytraders:

Workspaces PRO$14

Workspace and window handling on a new level!

NinjaTrader7 – Metatrader4 Bridge PRO$99

NEW EDITION for the serious CFD/Forex traders!

Connect Nijna trader and Metatrader: watch NinjaTrader’s advanced charts, trade them with a powerful chart-trading tool and get filled via your MT4 platform.

Horizontal LinesFREE

The tool lets you hot-key draw horizontal lines with price levels indicated on the right side shown or two timeframes as well(so you don’t need to always look for your important price levels).

OneClick – Chart OrderContact us

Trading on chart made as fast and simple as possible!

Requires demo or full,purchased license.
Trial download…

PreMarket colorFREE

Give a different color for the bars of a predefined time-span. Good for viusal pre-market separation.

Easy to manage for multiple charts as well.

Visual Risk CalculatorFREE

Click your stop-loss level on the chart and let the indicator calculate your position size based on pre-defined risk settings.

Nothing fancy here – it is a very simple tool: its power lies in the easy and visual use.


If you have the same defect as I have: namely that I have a visual bias for shorts: this tool could be handy for you. It lets you turn your chart upside down, making a long seem short.Currently only OHLC type is supported. (Your inverted chart will be OHLC)


Simple indicator, which makes screenshots quick and easy by pressing a hotkey…
Many programs do this, but you don’t need to install/start anything other than your NT7.Capable of capturing multiple monitors in separate files.
Workspace Switcher (Deprecated)FREE

The ‘indicator’ lets you quickly and comfortably switch workspaces.

Custom tool
Contact me if you need a custom tool which requires non-documented, deep level Ninja Trader programming.