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If you use multiple timeframes and important price levels in your trading (you should), you will find this tool very helpful.
It lets you draw horizontal lines with price levels indicated on the right side (so you don’t need to always look for your important price levels).
Line management is as quick and easy as possible: hot key to draw (you have 3 style presets), and mouse click to drag around.
For multi-timeframe use you can copy the lines from another chart (by hot-key): view them together, or one or the other.


Import: Control Center: File → Utilities→Import NinjaScript, then select the downloaded zip-file (DO NOT unzip it manually)

Attach: you can attach the tool as a normal indicator to any charts (Right-Click on chart → Indicators)


Draw a line: on a focused chart press one of the defined controlKey+hotkey combo to draw a predefined line where your cursor is on the chart.

Modify line:middle-mouse-click on a line to pick it, release the button to drop it. Short lines can be selected on both sides.

Delete a line: Press any drawing controlKey+hotkey combo on an active line.

Delete all lines: Press the controlKey+delete all hotkeycombo. This is NON REVERSIBLE!

Hide lines: ControlKey + right-mouse-click. This only hides the lines, and doesn’t delete them.

Restore Lines: ControlKey + left-mouse-click restores the hidden lines. If you drew new lines on an other instance of the same type chart (eg. to another 1 Min chart) this method will import those lines. (there is one database for one type of chart)

Import the lines of another chart: if you have set AnotherChart in the settings, ControlKey + middle-mouse-click will import the lines from that chart.

Show the lines of the active chart type only:ControlKey + left-mouse-clickagain.

The steps of using dual chart type:
1. ControlKey + left-mouse-click: reloads the active chart type: it will show only the lines of the default chart.
2. ControlKey + middle-mouse-click: switches to Another chart type and shows lines from both charts together
3. ControlKey + left-mouse-click: reloads the active chart type: it will now show only the lines of AnotherChart
4. ControlKey + middle-mouse-click: switches back to the default chart and shows lines from both charts together
5. go to step 1.

Per instance settings

After attaching the indicator to a chart you will be able to set some parameters, hotkeys, and look of the lines.
(These settings are unique for each chart. You will need to use templates or global default settings if you want to default your settings)

You need to set the AnotherChart parameter carefully: please make sure that you copy exactly the same chart type! (case sensitive and spaces)

The Conrtol key is needed for mosue clicks as well, so the combos are separated:
for Control key select: Shift+none, Alt+none, or Control+none only! Delete the key manually if needed (+ None is automatic in this case)
for hotkeys select keys without controlkey only!

Global default settings

By editing the source code you can alter the default values for some of the settings (the default settings are copied to the settings panel,when you attach the indicator to the chart):

To do this, you need to go into the editor (full license, or demo license is required!)

Control Center. Tools → Edit NinjaScript… → Indicator…, then choose _HorizonalLines

When ready, don’t forget to compile!

V5.10: first public version
V5.11: corrected import error

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