NinjaTrader7 Metatrader4 Bridge PRO Edition

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Update instructions
In Ninja trader:
1. Close Nt7.

2. Locate the C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\NinjaTrader7\bin\Custom\ folder.

3. Delete the old files (note: not all versions have all files)

4. Copy the new Nt7BridgeHead.dll file.

5. Run Nt7.

In MT4 you only need to copy the files (and overwrite if propted).
After build 608 you will find the folders in:
C:\users\yourname\AppData(hidden folder)\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\numbersAndLetters\MQL4

The DEMO version delays SOME orders for 5 seconds
(You will be notified when this is happening)

Get a license for a full version with no delays → →

New version is delayed again due to some difficulties. The planned features stay though!
– direct control mode: you can issue MT4 orders from your NT7 scripts directly
– the tool will be able to send the very same orders to multiple MT4s
– mode selection (manual, autocopy, direct control) per instrument instead of per account

The tool can now copy your positions from any of your NT7 accounts to your MT4 account.
Therefore you can use NT7 SuperDOMs and even robots and combine NT7 power with MT4 sizes.

Connect Nijna trader and Metatrader: watch NinjaTrader’s advanced charts, trade them with a powerful chart-trading tool and get filled via your MT4 platform.Thanks for HFT/arbitrage combining two markets works very precisely.
NinjaTrader sends a market order when set level is hit: so you can avoid many pitfalls of CFD/forex marketmakers (stop hunting, minimum stop distance) and the clunkiness of MT4 manual orderhandling.
Works with multiple MT4 clients (trade 6E-EURUSD with one broker and ES-ES CFD with another without switching softwares), works with all NT7 licenses (including free demo).


Advanced charting technology of NT 7

You can use all the advanced charts: tickcharts, 35 second charts or something else with any custom indicators, with free non-lagging quality data of CQG.
Compromise?If you are a smaller-sized trader I don’t need to tell you about the size and overnight margin of futures contracts.

Small margin requirements and position sizes of MT 4 brokers

If you have ever traded with an MT4 market maker, you definitely know their advantage: there are minimal margins and you can fine tune your position sizes to the cents.
Compromise? Pending orders can’t be placed close to price, clunky order issuing, tricky data. Still many of us have had to opt for them.

The power, ease and speed of chart trading

If you have ever traded with a powerful chart trading software, you know what they are about. No constant looking for prices: only pure, visual technical level trading with the best possible speed.
Compromise? No, there is none if the software is well written.


Simple order management: place and move your orders by one click. NT7 will send a market order to MT4 when set level is hit. This way you can avoid many pitfalls of CFD/forex marketmakers (stop hunting, minimum stop distance) and the clunkiness of MT4 manual orderhandling.

User friendly design:attach to any NT7 charts on any workspace.


Central settings:you can modify your settings in a central menu. The changes are instantly applied to all charts running the tool.

You also have the option to test your settings before using them to avoid any possible mistake.


Complete error handling: no error will go unnoticed, so you don’t need to be afraid of not ticking an option somewhere and you also don’t need to be a programmer to dig into MT4’s limited outputs to find out what went wrong.

Moreover: The bridge works with multiple MT4 clients (trade 6E-EURUSD with one broker and ES-ES CFD with another without switching softwares). The bridge works with all NT7 licenses (including free demo).

New feature :
-Complete and real-time feedback from MT4 will be shown on your NT7 charts. You will be able to see where you got executed. Realtime P/L will be shown as well.

New feature :
-Autocopy: Besides the advanced manual interface you can now copy the existing positions from NT7 to MT4 automatically. This can be a very powerful tool when used right!

120 Responses to NinjaTrader7 Metatrader4 Bridge PRO Edition

  1. avatar Jason says:

    Will I be able to use this with automated NT trading systems? I would like the automated NT trading systems to be bridged to MT4.

    Thanks for your work on this project. It’s much needed.

  2. avatar CTC says:

    Hi Jason,

    -edit- Beginning from version 1.4 the tool has a new feature, which can do this.

    This tool (as is) concentrates on manual trading, and contains a robust chart-trading interface. Occuring errors are indicated on a pop-up window, so steps after errors (like requote, or internet/server problems) are up to the user.
    Naturally the engine itself could be used for automatic trading as well, but not as is. You need to create complete error handling system so that you can leave it trading by itself.
    I can help with integrating the tool though, if you are interested.

  3. avatar Ernesto says:

    This tool is amazing, I would like to know if I can still use Chart trader or the SuperDom in Ninja and still be able to use this tool. Thanks

  4. avatar CTC says:


    Surely you can use Doms, Chart trader together with this tool (even on the same chart), since it is totally independent from NT’s order management.

  5. avatar Kiteflyer says:

    Have downloaded the trial version but, NT is telling me that the file is corrupt!
    I tried downloading it again but ‘no good’.
    I’ve also tried it on another pc, still doesn’t work.
    Do you have any idea’s.
    Many Thanks

  6. avatar CTC says:

    Kiteflyer: It seems you’ve tried to import the zip containing all the files (including the manual, the Nt7 Bridge Head and all the Mt4 files as well.)

    Unzip the downloaded file and read the manual on how to install.

  7. avatar Kiteflyer says:

    Hi CTC,

    That did it !!!


  8. avatar Jozu Okane says:

    Hi. I having a problem setting up the demo version. The problem is in the Ninja Trader side of the installation. I was successful in getting the installed but when I open a Ninja Trader chart and attach the Nt7BridgeHead indicator to the chart, I don’t see the order entry box in the right hand corner of the chart and thus have no access to the Bridge Settings dialogue box. Please advise. Thanks, Jozu.

  9. avatar CTC says:

    Jozu: Did you import the all right? Is it in the indictors list of the chart?
    Do you have any other indicators on the chart? Try a new (empty) chart and see if buttons appear.

    Call me on Skype: I should probably look at it, because I haven’t seen such so far.

  10. avatar Jozu Okane says:

    I did import correctly – NinjaTrader reported it was a success. Also, it is listed in the indicators list of the chart. I’ve tried viewing the chart with indicators and without and both times the buttons do not appear from the Bridgehead.

  11. avatar James says:

    Earlier in the year you made the following post;
    ‘This tool (as is) concentrates on manual trading, and contains a robust chart-trading interface. Occurring errors are indicated on a pop-up window, so steps after errors (like requote, or internet/server problems) are up to the user.
    Naturally the engine itself could be used for automatic trading as well, but not as is. You need to create complete error handling system so that you can leave it trading by itself.
    I can help with integrating the tool though, if you are interested.’

    We need to link NT to MT4 but want to use some EA’s. Can you tell me what is involved in the integration , cost etc. Thanks

  12. avatar CTC says:


    Drop me an email at the contact page please.

  13. avatar Steven says:

    works your Bridge with the NEW Mt4 and is it stabile?

  14. avatar CTC says:


    What do you mean under NEW Mt4?
    I used it today on build 509 and it worked 100%, the way it always does.

    • avatar Steven says:

      Hello Again,
      Thanks 5 answer my second quest is i Need that your Bridge copy everythink if i make a buy or sell in NT nothink was copy if i click market in the Super Doom?

  15. avatar Jonathan says:

    Hi Mate, Is their any intention of developing the same tool that would work with Multicharts..

  16. avatar Paul says:

    Nice plugin…

    One question: what about a pair like EURNZD – is there a EURNZD futures contract for reference? I downloaded the CME Group Futures xls and I can’t see a reference? Are there any other forex pairs that can’t be traded, or am I missing something?

  17. avatar CTC says:


    Sorry for late answer, which is: I don’t know. 🙂

    When making the tool I was thinking the other way around: if you trade futures and you need smaller contract sizes / better margin, which you can get via CFD/Forex OTC marketMakers how good would it be to be able to trade your usual futures instruments/charts but get filled via MT4.
    So there must be many pairs that don’t have futures counterparts.

  18. avatar thomas says:

    I also would like to use the bridge in combination of a NT-strategy.
    As I understood there are small problems.
    Would you help me in this case and does the bridge for automatically trading has separate costs ?

    b) it seems to me that the bridge does not transport market data to NT.
    Above you are talking about free data from cqg. Can you please tell me how to get this free data from there ?
    Thanks for your support- your product seems to be phantastic- Thomas.

  19. avatar CTC says:


    a) The tool is currently not ready for this. If you are a programmer, read further: I will need to open up some methods for external use for this. It needs testing and some modifications on the returning data from MT4. There will be no extra costs if I’m done with this, the feature will be included in a later update.
    You need to make an error handling system though, and you need to include the tool’s methods into your strategy: it will not be automatic.
    I am planning to make the tool read positions from NT’s pool though, but this is in brainstorming phase only.

    b)No, it does not. You use standard futures feed in NT7, and CFD/Forex marketmaker feed in MT4. These are not the same, but 95% of the time there shouldn’t be more than 1 tick difference, for or against you.

  20. avatar CTC says:

    Although the conversations seem to be kind of old, support for this tool is still active.
    Seemingly it works well, since I receive very few questions. 🙂

  21. avatar Ash says:

    Hi CTC.

    Will NinjaTrader ATM strategies work?


  22. avatar CTC says:


    The short answer is yes.
    Due to the rather simplistic orderhandling MT4 has, the tool syncs the two account only when there is a change in the Account Position in NT7 regardless of what causes this change. So it can be the fill of a manual order from SuperDOM, it can be an automatic strategy, or an ATM.

    There is a fully functional demo where you can see how the tool works.

  23. avatar Richard says:

    Great response from customer service with all my questions and concerns.

  24. avatar Marreta says:

    Hi CTC, does the bridge work on MT 5 ?

    • avatar CTC says:


      The tool was and is being developed in mql4.
      Supposedly MT5 is backward compatible, but to tell you the truth I haven’t even tried it yet.
      I guess I will need to soon.

  25. avatar marinda says:

    Hi, is there a few day’s demo available, want to test the transfer speed from NJ to MT4.



  26. avatar Adam Hannig says:


    Your instructions were not clear to understand. I downloaded the zip and put it in ninjatrader folder and went into the app and looked for the indicator bridge and it was nowhere to be found. i cld not use it. please clarify the instructions carefully. please inform me what to do next to make it work. thank you.


    • avatar CTC says:


      In the downloaded file you will find a manual, with detailed step-by-step instructions. (There is a quick start guide, and then the detailed guide)

      You will need to unzip the downloaded file then import Nt7 bridgehead then copy Mt4 files.

  27. avatar Adam Hannig says:


    I only saw one guide in the downloaded file, the manual_1.5.pdf, nothing else. please send me the file. Thank you.

    • avatar CTC says:

      Yes, that is the manual.
      Please go to page 3 and follow the step-by-step instructions.

      Eg: DO NOT unzip
      Start your NinjaTrader Control Center
      Navigate to File – Utilities> Import NinjaScript…
      Choose and press open
      A popup should let you know, that the import was successful.

  28. avatar Adam Hannig says:

    how do i import it?

  29. avatar Adam Hannig says:

    I was able to find the indicator and imported. i played with the setting and everything looks good except for a note in the test section. it says there may be a tick size mismatch. I tried to make a few trades from mt4 to nt and nothing happened. Everything in the test says it was ok except for the note. Im not sure what the problem is.

    • avatar CTC says:

      The most usual problem (when using the account autocopy function) is the not correct multiplier in the settings. Eg. FXCM in NT counts units (1000 and 10000) while Forex brokers use lots or minilots, where 1 minilot is 10000 units. In this case you need to write 0.001 or 0.0001 to the settings of the tool.

      If this is not the problem, please use the Chat with me button

  30. avatar Paul D says:

    Hello I have according to Ninja successfully downloaded a demo version however the instrument tab window is unresponsive. I am trying to enter forex currency pairs.Do you have any suggestions. Thanks

    • avatar CTC says:

      You need to write the data to the line below the table and then press Add.
      This is a pretty old part of the tool (I had problems with the dynamic table) which is getting a deep update in the newer version.
      Please add me on Skype if you need further assistance.

  31. avatar Miguel says:

    Es muy dificil probar la demo. Mi estrategia es de scalping y siempre me dice que tengo un delay…..

    • avatar CTC says:

      Please use the language used on the site so that everyone who doesn’t know Spanish could read it.

      Since not all but every third order on average are delayed, I think it should be enough for testing how the tool works. The window notifying about delay is only up for the duration of the delay, so you can see the execution speed even with delayed orders.

  32. avatar Paul says:

    Hi there 🙂

    I’m on Linux and i run MT4 in Wine at the moment. I used NT on Windows before and i really miss it. I’m thinking of buying your tool, for use on a WIn 7 system, emulated through VirtualBox on Linux Ubuntu. I was wondering if you have experience with this or feedback from other users.

    The main question would be if it runs smoothly and secondly (obviously n00bquestion): where does NT get its datafeed from ? My broker does not support NT, so would I need to have a NT demo-account somewhere or does the data get copied over from MT4 ?

    I am planning to test the demoversion, but am currently away from home. 🙂

    Thanks in advance for your help !!

  33. avatar CTC says:


    I use CQG Futures data in NT7 and trade CFDs with it. The futures and CFD market correlates: you loose a tick on one trade, you win two extra on the next one. For trading forex many uses FXCM data in NT7.

    I don’t have experience with a simulated environment. Nt7 is .net so it needs Windows, and the Mt4 part of the tool uses a small C++ library in order to build a namedPipe to Nt7. I guess best is if you try it. The demo is the same as the full version except the occasional delays.

  34. avatar Paul says:

    Thanks for your fast reply, my confidence in you and your product grew drastically 🙂

    So, I couldn’t wait to get home, so tested on my laptop from work 🙂
    I followed your pdf carefully and all is well until I run the ‘test’ in NT. The last entry gives a remark: “Tick sizes weren’t checked. NT7 bridgehead hasn’t been attached to this instrument yet” (see screenshot)

    I must admit that I use a MT4 version I downloaded from my broker’s website and this might have been slightly altered; I do not see the ‘allow live trading’ option in the ‘Expert Advisors’ tab of the options menu. Build number is 830.

    I tried opening and closing several positions, but they did NOT get transfered to MT4 🙁

    What am I missing ?

  35. avatar CTC says:

    The Nt7 instrument is missing from the image. I assume that it’s not “EURUSD”. It has to be the exact same string that you have in Nt7. (Isn’t it $EURUSD by any chance?)

  36. avatar Paul says:

    You are right: the instrument’s name is ‘$EURUSD’

    The thing is, that annoying ‘$’ just won’t go away 🙁

    I tried changing the chart’s label name, but this only changes the name of the window the chart is displayed in, and not the name on chart itself.

    I then tried to change the instrument’s name in the ‘Instrument Manager’, but discovered that it already is ‘EURUSD’. It seems that the ‘$’ gets added because this instrument belongs to the category ‘currency’.
    I tried changing this, but options are greyed out in the ‘Instrument Manager Editor’. (see screenshot)

    I then inspected the Instruments.srv-file and found that the Instrument is hardcoded to ‘Forex’ there. (also on screenshot) Perhaps I need to change this ?? Into what then ??

    Thx, P

    • avatar CTC says:

      And why isn’t writing “$EURUSD” in the Instrument column is an option?
      We can switch to email/Skype chat if you’d like some deeper support.

  37. avatar Gianluca says:

    When is it available the version expected in May 2015?

    I am interested in the new features.

    • avatar CTC says:

      It’s been delayed into June for a couple of reasons.
      I am trying my best to provide the new version as soon as possible.

      Excuse me for the delay.

  38. avatar Roland J says:

    Looking forward to the new version, this is such a great tool.

  39. avatar Philip says:

    If I pay extra would you be willing to help me set it up via team viewer or skype?

    I am trying to link my nt7 automated strategy to mt4

    Kind regards

  40. avatar Henrry says:

    hello guys, I have some questions for you to answer me, Please
    1. The benefit of connecting Mt4 with NT, it can do?
    2. The price when placing orders on the same price on Mt4 and NT when trading?
    3. Price on NT has faster on Mt4 price, get Arbitrage or ?

    Thank you! Henrry

    • avatar CTC says:

      1. The benefit of connecting Mt4 with NT, it can do?
      The benefit is that you can choose from a variety of MT4 brokers offering low spreads, low margins, low ticksizes, so they are good to begin trading with real money. And still you can use the advanced charting of Nt7 (Tickcharts, rangecharts, etc) and an extremely quick chart trader, which MT4 doesn’t offer.

      2. The price when placing orders on the same price on Mt4 and NT when trading?
      I am not sure I clearly understand this question. Prices are not exactly the same on Futures and on their CFDs, but they are close enough to get the same (or better) prices on the long run. I’ve been actively using this tool for long years and I am more into the positive side.

      3. Price on NT has faster on Mt4 price, get Arbitrage or ?
      If it’s faster (it is a very rare occasion) you can arbitrage of course. Don’t expect too much though: a tick or two.

  41. avatar Henrry says:

    Thank you for the reply. I’m interested in knowing more about a particular effect when used with bridge connecting MT NT? Why more people do not trade directly on MT, but had to use NT then connect MT Order on NT and it will copy command to MT?

    So obviously NT-MT Bridge connecting to something greater effect than trading directly on MT should they use them? (As you say I only see benefits when trading in NT compared to MT’s view Chart and flexible trading chart). And this is what I wanted to ask.
    Thank you. Henry

    • avatar CTC says:

      Well, I am a small timeframe manual trader, so flexible, non-time based charts and a good one-click chart trader have always been a must for me. Then I can trade more instruments using more precise money management with the lower margins and ticks sizes of CFDs. These were enough for me to write this program.

      I don’t know why everybody else buys the tool, but knowing MT4’s trading interface and charting system it’s quite understandable.

      There is a fully functional demo using which you can see the pros and contras for yourself.

  42. avatar Henrry says:

    Hi CTC
    I have questions for you:
    1. Some brokers have prohibitive using EA trading, so NtMtBridge can work without EA?
    2. Pending orders placed on Nt, not seen in the history of Mt. But it has shown in Mt server?

    Thank you.Henrry

    • avatar CTC says:

      1. No, the abiltiy to run scripts is needed.
      2. No, pending orders are not sent to MT4. Reason#1 is that you can have as tight stops as you’d like to (with most MT4 brokers this is limited) reason#2 is you are not as prone to stop hunting spikes, reason#3 is that MT4 has extremely basic orderhandling.

  43. avatar Andrei Shevelev says:

    Hi. Is it possible to copy from mt4 to NT

  44. avatar Sathya says:

    (1) What is the min. allowed Safety Stoploss ?

    (2) while testing instrument from the settings page, it says “Tick sizes werent checked.(NT&BridgeHead hasnt been attached to this instrument yet.” I have the bridge running in one chart in NT. and in MT4 in one chart the script is attached. What else should be done ?

    • avatar CTC says:

      1. Since safety stoploss is sent to Mt4 immediately, the min. level depends on the broker.

      2. The tool was made for manual trading originally, account copying came later. For manual trading you need to attach the tool to every instrument. You can do so for autocopy too(eg. to check this data), although it’s not required.

      The upcoming 2.0 will have it a lot cleaner.

  45. avatar tao says:

    Hi CTC,
    Could you develop a MT to NT tradecopier?since there aleady NT to MT copier, I guess you can just modify something,instead to code everything from begining.
    The benefits is:
    1. mt4/5 has much more strategy source available than NT.
    2. NT has better execution speed than MT, no need to worry about widely used virtual dealer by mt broker. that’s why some tick scalper ea can win on demo mt,but always lose in live account.
    Pls. consider my suggestion, thanks!

    • avatar CTC says:


      Unfortunately my answer is no.
      -the actual bridge (which connects the two platforms) are like 20 lines out of the thousands). So it would require a completely new program to turn this around.
      -“NT has better execution speed than MT” and the list of extremely inferior Mt functions can continue almost to infinity. These are the main reasons why it’s only NT to Mt direction only. (It’s a miracle that Mt can accept anything at all. Getting something ready and send it is a different story)
      -If you read the logic and purpose behind this software on the top of the page, you will see why it’s this direction only. You’ll be better off converting those Mt strategies for Nt7 if you want to trade Nt7.

  46. avatar Guian says:

    Does this NT7/ MT4 Bridge has to be installed on the same computer or Can be NT7 master be installed in one computer and MT4 client can be receiving on other computer?Thanks in advance.

  47. Avoiding the pitfalls will definitely be an important advantage by the way, interesting details here about the Ninja Trader’s!

  48. avatar Roland J says:

    Are you planning a version of the bridge for NinjaTrader 8? I use the bridge daily, looking forward to the updates here soon.

  49. avatar thowefx says:

    Hi there,

    I’m wondering, is it possible to use the copy trader also with automated strategies. In an earlier post you said it is possible, but the error messages are a problem. Is there any solution now?

    Thx, Thowe

    • avatar CTC says:

      Hi Thowe,

      What error messages do you refer to?
      FYI: one of the upcoming next versions will contain methods to control the bridge from within a strategy. This could be a solution for your problem. ETA is sadly still unknown.

  50. avatar David says:

    Hi. Does the bridge work with NT8? I think NT7 has been discontinued. When is your new version due for release? Many thanks.

    • avatar CTC says:


      The tool is being developed for NT8. However NT8 is still in beta phase, and a lot is changing under the hood. I cannot give you an ETA either.
      Bythe way as far as I know Nt7 will stay parallel with Nt8.

      • avatar Mike Dull says:

        Hi, do you have any date to release de NT8 version. I’m working with NT8 since dec-16, and with the latest non beta releases, it works fine.
        Mike Dull

        • avatar CTC says:

          Mike, thanks for the update on Nt8.
          The new version is in the works, but it is being created from scratch and it is taking more time than anticipated. I can’t give you an ETA since this is not my number one project, but it is coming.
          Thanks for the patience

  51. avatar David says:

    I’ve managed to download and run a copy of NT7. I have dowloaded your bridge and added it to the relevant folders in MT4 but I keep geting the error messages below. I don’t have ‘enable live trading’ in my options, would this be the problem and is there a way aroun it? many thanks.

    • avatar CTC says:

      This error message means that the Mt4 bridgehead is not running for some reason. Disabled live trading can be a good reason for the tool to fail. Please ask your Mt4 marketmaker on how to enable live trading.

  52. avatar Chris says:

    Any way of making the TAKE PROFIT and STOP-LOSS hidden from MT4 broker?

  53. avatar Joan Hernandez says:

    Hi, I can use this software with an automatic NT7 strategy?

    • avatar CTC says:


      There is an account copy feature which copies changes in an account (even Sim101), so yes, you can. I’d discourage using it unattended though since deciding what to do with errors is up to the user.
      The downloadable file is a fully usuable demo, you can check it for yourself.

  54. avatar Michael says:

    Great tool — I really appreciate this. I’d like to use autocopy to copy my NT7 Forex positions into MT4. I completed the setup, and tested EURUSD from NT7 via the Bridge settings popup. I have an existing open EURUSD position in NT7.

    In MT4, I see the message “received order #5: EURUSD:TE1:1000%0”, but I don’t see any open positions for EURUSD. I made sure that I selected autocopy in the Bridge settings dialog, and clicked Apply. I’m not sure what next to do to start seeing my positions in MT4. I’d definitely appreciate your feedback. Note that I’m currently using the trial version.

    • avatar CTC says:


      It triggers only at a position change for several reasons, so you will need to wait until the next position update, or use the tool’s manual interface to enter an Mt4 position.

  55. avatar Mathieu says:

    Hello !

    I have been using your sofware with the Dax or CAC40, for one year, without any problem.

    But lately I tried to use it with the Forex , unsuccessfully.

    Whatever the settings I tried, I couldn’t make it work.
    It always displays the same message : “Tick size mismatch”
    could you help me ?

    Thank you !

    • avatar CTC says:


      It is only a note, a warning and not an error. It only lets you know that the futures instrument and the Forex symbol uses different number of digits. Eg: if futures uses 4 digits, and forex uses 5 digits, then a 10 tick futures stop equals a 100 tick forex stop.
      The message makes you note that you’ll need to double check these settings.

  56. avatar Roland says:

    I use this tool every week, thanks for the update, and looking forward to version 2.0.

  57. avatar Christos Papathanasiou says:


    I want MT4 API DLL or routine code for just send orders (B/S) to MetaTrader 4 from VB6.0 or other languets.


    Christos Papathanasiou.

  58. avatar ChriS says:

    Hi I liked this tools under NT7 but now NT8 is coming out. Can I use your brige in NT8 or do you develope a new bridge version for NT8 and MT4? If yes any schedule for release? Maybe I can pay some extras if you are able to do it earlier for me?

  59. avatar Eric B. says:

    Hi there,

    So, I have everything setup (using the 1.9 demo-version) to allow an NT7 strategy I programmed to go live with my MT-only broker. I encountered issues with the trade size though: I am prudent so decided to start the testing with microlots. My broker does allow that and I never had problems with 0.01 lots in MT4. I decided to start testing with GBPJPY.

    The test in NT gives me the 5 ‘OKs’.

    Manual orders that I enter in NT7, with the ‘size/AC’ set to 0.01get copied over correctly. The orders created by my active strategy are filled nicely in NT7, but fail to pass on into MT4.

    In NT7, I have the ‘orderquantity’ set to ‘by strategy’ in the strategies-window. I tried several entries in my code already: 1 and 1000 (sadly, Ninjascript only allows integers, so I cannot code 0.01 because that would be a double)

    What might be wrong here ??

    • avatar CTC says:


      Please contact me on the contacts page (either on Skype or via the contact form) because this one seems to require some more detailed communication.

  60. avatar Vivek says:


    Very good application!

    On clicking any button to place a market order in manual mode, I receive following message in NT7 output window:
    3606962 -> 3606962 ES 09-16 NT7BridgeHead 1.9

    May you point out the issue?


  61. avatar Brent says:


    I’m liking what I see so far from this application. I’m able to execute manual trades on NT and they update perfectly on MT4.

    However, my problem is I can’t get my trades that I execute on chart trader to show up and execute on MT4. How do I accomplish that? What settings should I be using? I’m trading forex pair to forex pair not futures so not sure if that matters. And the account Im using on NT is just the Sim101 and free edition of NT.

    • avatar CTC says:


      I am almost sure that you have your multiplier set up wrong.
      I can help you to find and fix your problem via Skype.

      • avatar Brent says:

        Here are my settings for NT and MT4. I know NT calculates in 10,000 units for a mini lot and is shown as 0.01 on NT. MT4 shows a mini lot as 0.1.

        Are these settings correct? I’ve reversed them and put NT where I have MT4 values and vice versa but still it doesn’t work with chart trader. Manually with these settings its all good. But when I do test the connection it says my tick values are off so I don’t know what Im missing.

        • avatar CTC says:

          The Size/AC column is a multiplier.
          Nt has 10000, you want 0.1, so you’ll need to enter 0.00001, since 10000 x 0.00001 = 0.1.

          • avatar Brent says:

            So I would put .00001 in the Size/AC column and 0.1 in the size column? This is what happens when I apply those settings…

          • avatar Brent says:

            I also have disable inversepairs to the value of “1” since Im not converting futures values so not sure if that matters as well.

  62. avatar Marco says:

    I am very interested in this bridge. Great job : – ) I am just a bit confused. In your presentation you have used the crude oil futures contract and USOil (CFT cash index) and these two are never aligned on price numbers/price movement mostly yes.

    Am I correct in assuming that when I place an order on the crude oil contract in Ninja that trades for instance at 30.00 USD and the cash index is at 28.00 USD the bridge simply copies a buy signal to MT4 and MT4 simply ignores all price data? What about the stop loss and targets is this also copied over automatically or do I have to do this manually? I was just wondering because you said that automatic trading (trading system) is supported?

    I assume you would not know yet if the bridge for Ninjatrader 8 would become available? My automated strategy will run on NT8.

  63. avatar neo269 says:

    Is it possible to use Bridge software to get realtime feed from MT4 to NT7? I want to use NT7 just for charting, so is it possible?

  64. avatar Rexz says:

    I am having trouble with testing the copy account. If I buy 10 contracts and use the ATM strategy to close different contracts and different prices, MT4 doesn’t seem to cope well. First when I open 10 positions with a setting of 0.1 per contract in the bridge, MT4 varies on how it opens those positions (somtimes 0.3 and 0.7 size positions). Then when it comes to closing some of those positions, MT4 will close and open another position to match the remaining contracts left in NT7. Is there a way around this? It would be simpler if the trade copier would create one position and then close parts of that position in MT4 would it not?

  65. avatar Oleg says:

    Hello.Tell me how do I get a license for the product after payment?You do not have the possibility to register a personal account through which it was possible to pay for a license.

  66. avatar CTC says:


    For quite a while now we have been using an automated system through PayPal. Once your payment is cleared your key will be created and sent automatically to your PayPal email address.

  67. avatar vittorino de marchi says:

    There is not the Zip file to import to NT7 there is only Nt7BridgeHead.dll
    How can import this file to NT please
    Kind regards

    • avatar CTC says:

      You need to copy the Nt7BridgeHead.dll to Documents\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\ folder when the platform is not running.
      You can’t import it.

  68. avatar Marc says:

    Hey, do you know when you are going to release the NinjaTrader 8 version ? It would be much welcomed ! Cheers

  69. avatar Amil says:

    Hi , I am mostly interested in using MT4 Data for charting purposes on NT7 or NT8 platform . Does this tool back fill historical data as well or does it just display current live bars as they are being generated in real time?

  70. avatar Pepe says:

    I downloaded the demo and sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    • avatar CTC says:


      Could you contact me via Skype?
      Could you be a bit more specific about “sometimes it doesn’t work”?
      Is there an error message?
      Is the order sent and not received?
      Or is it not sent at all?
      I will also need to check your settings (if it’s margin related, broker related, etc.)

      This is why I’d liketo talk on Skype.

  71. avatar Wilmer says:

    ¿Support for MT5?

  72. avatar CTC says:


    Mt5 is not yet planned. Nt8 side is in the works however.

  73. avatar Wilmer says:

    I tested this by some months, but it is unstable sometimes, when it work I see this message:
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,M5: NTMTB received message: EURUSD:TE00.01;450%5E-05
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,M5: NTMTB decoded order: 00:48:30 Symbol: EURUSD
    Mode: Test message Size: 0.01 Safetystop: 450 Slippage: 0
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,M5: NTMTB executing order
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,M5: NTMTB test message evaluated

    I use MT4 Build 1065 and NT7, their script when failed with this message:
    Script MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: removed
    Script MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: loaded successfully
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: initialized
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: NTMTB received message: EURUSD:TE11;25%5E-05
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: zero divide
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: deinitialized
    MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: uninit reason 0
    Script MtBridgeHead1_9_1 EURUSD,H1: removed

    I try load and unload scripts and indicator on both platforms, Close an open, reboot windows and nothing, you have any new update more stable?, any planned to a new release soon?, I appreciate your work.

    • avatar CTC says:


      Please contact me via Skype. What you desribe above is a settings issue, not a stability issue. There is no way to check the settings/set sizes programatically, there are simply too many Nt DataProvider – Mt4 MarketMaker – account type – position size combos.

      For starters you should untick the “Account percentage positions in Mt4” setting which adds an extra layer of complexity.

      For other readers: I am happy to help with first time setups via Skype.

      • avatar Wilmer says:

        Reset all settings, now it work, some changes notes, sizes value must use comas(,) instead of point(.), difficult note it :D. Thanks for your help.

  74. avatar Wilmer says:

    Thanks for you fast reply, let me check this settings tha you say, any change I’ll talk you.

  75. avatar Steve T says:


    I have read your manual and still not clear about limit orders on the NT7 side.

    1. Does your bridge just copy chart positions from NT7, or does it copy every trade signal from NT7 including the limit orders, many of which do not get filled?

    2. I use a auto trade strategy with NT7. It does not trade a lot, more like swing trading. Does your bridge work on if I am using an auto trade strategy on the NT7 side?


    • avatar CTC says:

      The tool sends a market order to Mt4, whenever it detects a position change in NT7. I needed to give up on pending orders, Mt4 is just way too basic in this regard compared to Nt7.

      It works on any Nt7 position change: it doesn’t matter at all how you initiated it. (Through SuperDOM, or strategy, or phoned your broker). However I recommend human supervision

  76. avatar Steve T says:


    Thanks for the replay, helpful!


  77. avatar Petr says:

    Hello, I have your bridge (btw great job) and I have a question. Is it possible to use it on two NT? I am working on two places and I’m using PC and laptop. It will be great if I can use it on both. Thanks for your reply.


  78. avatar Paul says:

    I installed the bridge this morning and after a little bit of messing around I got things to work. However, I can send orders from NT to MT4 from the indicator buttons but now from my own custom NT strategy.

    Is there some final step I need to perform to have orders triggered from my own strategy to be sent on to MT4?


  79. avatar Paul says:

    Sorry, “now from my own strategy” should have read “NOT from my own strategy”

    • avatar CTC says:


      Nt7 (and thus originally this tool)was made for Futures (and CFD with the tool) trading, where yuo are right, 1 contract is 1 contract.
      However the way Nt7 included Forex is that it counts in UNITS, whereas Mt4 counts in (mini)LOTS. So (watch only the numbers) you open 10000 in Nt7, which is 1 or 0.1 in Mt4.
      If you use 1, you actually ask Mt4 to open 10000 (10000 1s) but Mt4 can only count in lots, 1 is a lot for Mt4, so it is trying to open 10000 lots. Quite a quantity! 🙂

      What you need to do is you need to write 0.0001, or 0.00001 in the size, which will convert the 10000 (or 100000) to 1 (or 0.1: you get the point). So it sort of works as a multiplier.

      I hope it helped:

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