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Latest Version: V1_0 08-06-2012

Use it and if you like it please pay the amount you think it is worth
hence the law of equal exchange persists


Import: Control Center: File → Utilities→Import NinjaScript, then select the downloaded zip-file (DO NOT unzip it manually)
Attach: you can attach the tool as a normal indicator to any charts (Right-Click on chart → Indicators)

Global settings

It is the default setting method for this tool, affecting all charts of the same instrument.

The indicator reads the beginning and the end of market session from a txt file, and colors the bars outside this session. (Designed for OHLC bars)

– you can create the txt file to the NinjaTrader 7 folder (in your Documents folder) with the name: “premarket_instrument name.txt” (eg.: premarket_es.txt, or premarket_6E.txt)
– or you can let the indicator create it for you when first attached. Then you can edit it of course.

The txt file MUST contain two lines: first line is the start of the session, the second line is the end of the session. Format MUST be the following (file MUST not contain any more characters nor can there be less characters):


for example:


Per instance settings

You can override the global instrument settings in the parameters menu of the indicator, which will only be effictive on the current chart.
Format is the same as above.

Color setting is per chart as well.


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