Visual Risk Calculator

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Use it and if you like it please pay the amount you think it is worth
hence the law of equal exchange persists


Import: Control Center: File → Utilities→Import NinjaScript, then select the downloaded zip-file (DO NOT unzip it manually)
Attach: you can attach the tool as a normal indicator to any charts (Right-Click on chart → Indicators)


First of all set the three main parameters in the settings menu:
COST (in ticks): the commision (futures) or spread (cfd/forex) denoted in ticks.
RISK (in USD): the risk in USD which you want to take on with your position.
TickValue (in USD): the value of one tick in USD. It is not automatic, so you can use it for more markets, not only futures.

After that if you click your intended stop-loss level on the chart, the calculator will show you the maximum position size allowed for your pre-set USD risk.
By left-mouse-click it will be calculated from current price.
By middle-mouse-click you can give two prices. Naturally you need to click twice for this.

Of course you can use the tool for quickly measure price distance as well.

Per instance settings

After attaching the indicator to a chart you will be able to set main parameters (for calculations), the controlkey, and used colors.
(These settings are unique for each chart. You will need to use templates or global default settings if you want to default your settings)

For Control key select: Shift+none, Alt+none, or Control+none only! Delete the key manually if needed (+ None is automatic in this case)

Global default settings

By editing the source code you can alter the default values for some of the settings (the default settings are copied to the settings panel,when you attach the indicator to the chart):

To do this, you need to go into the editor (full license, or demo license is required!)

Control Center. Tools → Edit NinjaScript… → Indicator…, then choose _RiskCalculator

When ready, don’t forget to compile!

V1.10: first released version
V1.11: corrected import error

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