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hence the law of equal exchange persists


Import: Control Center: File → Utilities→Import NinjaScript, then select the downloaded zip-file (DO NOT unzip it manually)
Attach: you can attach the tool as a normal indicator to any charts (Right-Click on chart → Indicators)

Per instance settings

You have to set the bar colors for the inverted chart manually. (I’ve chosen this method becasue I couldn’t get the colors from NT: but at least you can set a different color for your inverted chart now.)

After attaching the indicator to a chart you will be able to set the hotkey, and used colors as well. (These settings are unique for each chart. You will need to use templates or global default settings if you want to default your settings)

Global default settings

By editing the source code you can alter the default values for the settings (the default settings are copied to the settings panel,when you attach the indicator to the chart).

To do this, you need to go into the editor (full license, or demo license is required!)

Control Center. Tools → Edit NinjaScript… → Indicator…, then choose _RiskCalculator

When ready, don’t forget to compile!

V1.0: first released version
V1.1: corrected import error

4 Responses to Inverse-on-the-Fly

  1. avatar cory says:

    I load invert_on_fly then hit crtl+Q nothing happen?
    for bar color I saw something like this from this cs file;

    Data.Bars bars
    ChartControl chartControl

    barColor = chartControl.GetBarColor(bars, idx);
    Color candleOutlineColorScript = chartControl.GetCandleOutlineColor(bars, idx);

  2. avatar CTC says:

    Hi Cory,

    Do you have any other indicators on your chart? Sometimes the Z-order are messed up on the charts.
    Please try to attach it to a newly opened chart and see if it works. If it does select the price bars of your non-working chart, and Shift+mouse scroll to an other Z-order and see if ti works.

    And I am not sure why you included these lines from the source code of the bar color tool…

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