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The downloaded version does not save your settings, but otherwise fully functional.
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The ability to re-arrange one’s trading windows swiftly is of great importance for a manual trader. I am sure you agree with me on Ninja Trader – otherwise one of the most advanced trading platforms on planet Earth – has some room to expand here. WorkspacesPRO defines a new level in window arrangement.


Extremely customizable switcher panel:

Define text and target, placement, color, size, opacity of the buttons and the panel.

Windowsets: Hands down the best new feature of the tool
Thanks to David who got me thinking on the issue.

In vanilla Ninja Trader you need to create a new workspace built up from zero, with all the charts loaded again IF you wanted only a simple re-arrangement of your windows. Or – even worse – manually every time.

Using WorkspacesPro this is as easy as it gets, getting rid of the same windows opened in the backround in more instances. Arrange your windows – save a set, re-arrange them and save another set, which sets can be easily popped up afterwards.

Workspace handling made easier

Default Ninja Trader workspace handling is improved a lot as well: overview, create, open, close, delete, rename, clone workspaces using a simple Gui, instead of roaming in your Control Center menus and your file manager.

Central menus

All of the above are controlled from a single central menu, separated from Ninja charts. Add the tool as an indicator to any of your charts, the rest is automatic and easily manageable (unlike our previous workspace tool, which was a pain in the back to set up and maintain)


Control over controlbox and borders of windows: Controlbox is the little box with the _ and X in the upper right corner of your windows. Have you managed to close some of your charts by accident? Then you know why it needs control… Ability to disable borders are just collateral extra. Already useable in version 1.2!

Hotkeys: Next feature will give you the possibility to set a hotkey to selected workspaces/windowsets and the ability to cycle them. And a nice simple manager for this of course.
I have bumped into some problems, so theis feature is postponed.

7 Responses to WorkspacesPRO

  1. avatar Adam Smith says:

    I bought WorkspacesPro a few months ago but seem to have lost that version when my power supply crashed earler today. Now I only have the non-persistent version. How do I enable the paid version?

  2. avatar CTC says:

    I’ve re-sent you your key in email.

  3. avatar CTC says:

    In case you wonder – support for this tool is still active.

  4. avatar Daniel Roe says:

    Awesome tool! I couldn’t trade multiple markets without it…Thanks!

  5. avatar Franck Clip says:

    It’s a Great Tool , now it’s easy to switch from workspace to Workspace , Thanks to creates such valuable

    tool for us \°/

  6. avatar Jake says:

    Just wonderfull tool.
    There is 3 thing what should be changed.

    1. with restart NT Workspace Buttons are on different possition on screen
    2. Should be option for hide link bar button
    3. Borders enabled/disabled should keep current possition for all chart windows

    Thank you

  7. avatar CTC says:


    Sorry, I missed your post somehow.
    1. The position of the panel is saved, so it must be at the same position when opening. You are the first one reporting this behaviour.
    2. I am afraid it’s not really possible.
    3. See answer #1. You are the first one reporting this. Chart windows are supposed to keep their position.

    Could you please contact me via email? I am curious what causes these bugs for you.

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