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Welcome to the manual of WorkspacesPro!
If something is not clear, feel free to comment and ask.

Install and startup
Simply import the downloaded .zip file into NinjaTrader. (ControlCenter – File – Utilities – Import NinjaScript).
(If you are updating you’ll need more steps: see updating section below).

Attach the indicator to any of your charts, one instance is enough, but there can be more as well. The tool runs separated from Ninja Trader charts.

Note:After restarting Ninja Trader you’ll need to switch to the workspace which contains the WorkspacesPro indicator so that the tool can start and pop-up its panels. You can however attach an indicator to more charts (eg. one per workspace) so you can easily avoid this.

“Panels” are the little windows that contain your switcher buttons. The tool will open you a default one if there is none open.
You can open more if you go to the indicator menu (on the chart) and set the only option (new WorkspacesPro panel) to true.
Right click a panel for its menu.

-Use this menu for closing a panel. Using Windows Taskbar will not remove the panel from the tool.
Opacity of the panel can go down to 1%: still clickable, but practically invisible.
-You can open the central manager from here and only from here.

On saving and resaving a windowset, please see windowsets section.

Please use only this tool for workspace manipulation! Otherwise the tool can’t keep track of what is happening with the workspaces.

Doubleclick any entry in the list to switch to that workspace.

The tool uses the same methods which the Control Center menu uses, but gives you better overview and it is a bit easier to use thanks to the graphical interface. The color-code for default Ninja workspaces is dark-red.

To perform any action on your workspaces just select them in the list and click a button.
There is no restriction on what you do here.

Save Workspace As: You can now clone a workspace by clicking YES for keeping the old workspace, or simply rename by clicking NO. This is different from Ninja Trader’s logic, which rather just renamed the workspace and kept a closed copy.

Closing a workspace will keep your windowsets for later use if you decide so.

Pro-option: Show all windows from all workspaces.
If you decide to settle with windowsets instead of workspaces, you can easily transfer your windows.
-Open a new empty workspace and switch to it.
-Click the “Show all windows from all workspaces” button.
-Save the workspace.

Now you have all your Ninja windows under one workspace, and you can start creating windowsets from them.
Yes, these are all open all the time, but invisible.

Windowsets is an innovation of WorkspacesPRO tool.

NinjaTrader opens all the windows that are included in a workspace, and when you switch to another workspace only the VISIBILITY of the windows change. There is nothing wrong with this, because strategies and indicators of other workspaces keep running.

However! You cannot change only the arrangement of your windows which is a pain if you have limited monitor space or if you use multi-timeframe charts of the same instument. Until WorkspacesPro you needed to open a new workspace, open the same windows and save your new arrangement into a different workspace, this way doubling the number of loaded charts and thus data.

Windowsets save the arrangement of your currently visible Ninja windows to a named set.
1. Switch to a workspace.
2. Arrange your windows.
3. Right-click on your panel and click Save windows to new windowset.
4. Give it a name, or use the generic name offered, and click save.
5. Repeat 2-4 as long as you want.

To resave a set, switch to the set, make the arrangements, right-click on the panel and click resave.

If you have saved windowsets you can perform the same actions in the manager as you can with workspaces. Saving a windowset is instantly visible in manager.
Windowset color-code is teal (blueish green).

You can quickly overview your windowsets and their contents in the manager.

You can rename or clone a windowset by “Save Windowset As” button. It works the same way as the “save workspace as” button.

Pro-option: Hide and Unhide. If you have minimized windows in your selected windowset (these have to be saved as minimized windows in the windowset) you can make these invisible by pressing Hide all. Note! This will resave the windowset in its current state!
You can unhide windows that had been hidden by clicking Unhide all. Note! This will resave the windowset in its current state!

This mimics (or does kind of the same) what Ninja does with its workspaces, but you have better control over what to hide.

Pro-tip for the best arrangements:
– Make all of your windows normal (not minimized, not maximized).
– Minimize those you want to hide.
– Save the windowset.
– Hide minimized windows in the manager.
– Put manager away.
– Minimize the windows you want to minimize, but don’t want to hide.
– Resave set.

You can attach buttons to the switcher panel by using templates.
You create templates in your manager which can be added there, or later in the rightclick menu of a panel.

Step 1.Create a new template via the left side menu (Type a name and click New Template)

Rename or delete a template by right-clicking its name.

You can copy-paste buttons between templates as well.

You can have up to 100 different templates.

Optional Step 2. Your default button setup via the top menu.
In the top menu you can set the default for your newly created buttons. These settings do not affect buttons already added.
This option is only for setting up a new template quick and easy.

Step 3.Setting up actual buttons in the central menu.
You can add buttons by clicking “new button” and filling details then.

You can give it any text you want. There is no connection between text and target.

Target is the most important setting. If a button is clicked this is where the tool will switch.
You can only select from existing workspaces and windowsets.
Note!If you delete a workspace or a windowset, the target here will be also deleted!
Selecting the empty entry is the target of switching to desktop (hiding all the windows).
Workspace targets are indicated by their dark red color, windowset targets are indicated by their teal color.

Row and col shows in which row and column a button is showed on a panel.
Rows and columns are manually added (starting from index 0) when a button is added, but you can rearrange them manually.

W and H is the width and height of a button. These can be set separately.

Bck and Txt is the back-color and text-color of the button.

You can delete a button by selecting the entire row and click delete button.
Note! The rows and columns are not changed by deleting a button.

You are now done with your template setup.
You can open a new panel with it (Open new panel).
You can change the buttons of the panel from which you opened the manager (Apply on panel).
Or just store it for later and apply it on a panel in its right-click menu.

Misc settings
Important! For optimal results please use these settings with WindowSets!
Tip: Save a Windowset for each of your workspaces and link the windowsets to your buttons instead of workspaces!

Control Boxes: you can disable the control boxes (_ □ x at the upper right corner) so you won’t close your charts accidentally ever again.
Borders: you can disable the borders of your windows, gaining some more space if you don’t have enough. You won’t be able to move your windows either.
Tip: using windowsets, the gross size of the windows stays the same making it all nice and easy.

Double clicking a panel:
you can set what action will be performed upon double clicking the button-panel.


If you have an update downloaded, you need to follow these steps to install it.

1. NinjaTrader ControlCenter – Utilities – X Remove NinjaScript assembly
2. Select WorkspacesPro and remove it
3. Restart Ninja Trader
4. Import new verion

Otherwise your old version will not be overwritten.

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  1. avatar Omar Ignacio says:

    We need a better how-to video on your page. It is not very clear on the written instructions how it is that we set the different workspaces and the windowsets.

    Your video that you have on your “sell-page” is too short and doesn’t show you installing and building some sample workspaces or window-sets.

    You could just update the vid on your description page to actually show how we create window sets and and everything else. Thank you!

  2. avatar dtrain says:

    very difficult to understand. Video way to fast. Manual not even close to covering what you need to do.

    End concept would be great, have no idea how to get ther.

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