NtMtBridge changelog

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v1.9 03-18-2016
coming soon…

v1.5 06-16-2014
FIXED: inverse instruments (eg.: 6J – USDJPY) are now handled correctly – as inverse instruments

v1.4 04-27-2014
NEW FEATURE: account autocopy full feature introduced
REWORKED: look of the settings panel
FIXED: some minor fixes with the licensing system

v1.3 03-18-2014
REWORKED: no separate demo and full version. The tool uses a licensing system
ADDED: update watcher
REWORKED: mode button panel
ADDED: you can now issue market orders
FIXED: modify order picks now use pixel tresholds instead of price levels
ADDED: you can select left/middle mousekey to pick a pending order
FIXED: some minor engine fixes

Non-public developer versions