Privacy Policy

In compliance with applicable law regarding protection of personal data, property of, hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY, advises that any information of this type, provided by customers or users of the website, hereinafter referred to as the WEBSITE, through software license acquisition request forms or e-mails sent to the different mailboxes that the COMPANY has available in its website, implies that they accept and expressly authorize THE COMPANY, the database owner, to transfer and communicate these personal data to other services in charge of their processing and/or third service providers with the following purposes and objectives: (i) for the proper management of purchases made via the website, (ii) to send e-mails or regular mail with information about the products marketed on the website and (iii) to request information regarding the operation of the website and the products marketed on it, in order to improve the services and customize the experience of customers and/or users.

The COMPANY assumes that the data provided have been entered by its owner or a person authorized by him, as well as their veracity and accuracy. Therefore, the COMPANY disclaims any possible inaccuracy in these data. In any case, both customers and users have the right to access, cancel, correct and disagree to the use of his data by informing the COMPANY.

Also, the COMPANY wants to make it clear that its website does not use cookies and that its database does not include information related to the form of payment. Furthermore, the COMPANY does not have access to such an information. The COMPANY, for his part, undertakes to maintain the secrecy and security of the personal data transferred, according to the applicable law in this matter.Amendments to this privacy policy may be made at any time and you should check back frequently for any changes. The COMPANY will never make changes to this policy that result in less protection of your personal information without sending notice. This policy was last updated on March 31th, 2014.